October goodies from Fairy and Brown

Good things come in threes. Spells, luck, flying ducks. Sloth’s toes. Diego Brown and the Good Fairy shows.

One: Right now you can catch the incredible Dare to Wear – a sumptuous visual feat verging on a feast but much of it is plastic and not good to eat. So beat it to the big church on Euston Road, St Pancras that is. Where you will find daring wearage. Like what this picture it illustrates.

The chain gang

The train taking us to the afterlife is followed by stone breakers.

Two: Monday 22 October. No less than the grand wizard of English poetry, Mr John Hegley, who will be spelling his cast of several at the mystical and ghoulish Betsey Trotwood public house. In which will feature a performance of such magic from which you shall never tire by the enchanted Good Fairy and her accomplice Mr Diego Brown himself. That’s in the evening and is not to be missed at all.

Three: The magic persists like a downy feather drifting earthward to alight at the echoey portals of the West London Synagogue. Here on the night of 25 October, from about 7:1 pm, you shall be spellbound by song, sound, stillness, light and dark. 34 Upper Berkeley Street.¬†Wine and nibbles. Donation only.¬†There’s a lovely potted plant right near the stage. Look out for it.


A study in blur

800 miles an hour? Really?


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