Diego Brown and the Good Fairy thank you for coming here

We offer a complete range of song-based services. And we're passionate about being passionate about things. Whether you want to listen, commission or look, we have everything you could want from people like us. Come and try us out.

This is us.

Part non-fat dried milk. We sing our songs because we can't work out the chords for other people's.

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Live and noisy

We play gigs and invite you to come along. Vote with your feet.

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Commission us to write a song for a loved one.

We'll do it and they'll love ya for it. Or despise you - whatever your goal, we'll do our best to help you get there.

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May the 8 be with you at Underbelly

Our friends Zwah launch their new baby on 8 May at Hoxton’s groovy Underbelly. And Diego Brown and the Good Fairy are going to sing some lullabies & stuff. Plus you’ll be able to get your ears around Kira Kenley: http://bit.ly/kira_kenley in person. There will be bodypainting, string and nodding. As well as cake. For tickets and more

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Brown is the bread for us

Diego Brown and the Good Fairy will add some musical fibre to the mix this Thursday (8 November 2012) when they join John Hegley and others at a fundraiser for North London Action for the Homeless. Gig happens at 7:30pm at the Spence bakery cafe, Stoke Newington Church Street. As of this evening (Sunday) we’re

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Day of the Dead Good

Come & live it up at the Day of the Dead celebration at Dare to Wear. We’ll be singing songs about trains to take you on your journey to the next place. Thursday 31 October 2012, 6:30-9:30pm. Guess who’s dead here. The Crypt, St Pancras Church, Euston Road, London.  

October goodies from Fairy and Brown

Good things come in threes. Spells, luck, flying ducks. Sloth’s toes. Diego Brown and the Good Fairy shows. One: Right now you can catch the incredible Dare to Wear – a sumptuous visual feat verging on a feast but much of it is plastic and not good to eat. So beat it to the big

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Reform the bank

holiday with an evening of sound investment in the company of honest John Hegley and his mutually supportive fun friends. Including Diego Brown and the Good Fairy. Absolutely no hidden charges, no bailouts. Just poems, songs and the occasional gag in order. A shoe shop for the lucky ones At The Bestey Trotwood 56 Farringdon

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