John Hegley takes ‘The Man’ by scruff of neck

John Hegley

Hegley gets a grip

A mandolin called Steve was reportedly amazed to find itself gripped by poet and fret-star John Hegley this week, amid rumours of a rehearsal in the run-up to a special show at The Betsey Trotwood, London, on 7 June.

“Amazing,” said the ‘man’ – as some, but not very many, musicians refer to a mandolin, which looks a bit like the smaller brother of a double bass, an impressively large instrument by comparison.

Steve “The Man” Dolyn is expected to make an appearance at Clerkenwell ARTslab’s JuneTuneFest upstairs at the famous Farrringdon boozer on 7 June, although sometimes news like this is made up just to attract attention.

Things that are, in all honesty, more likely to go down on the same night are: poetry words from Mr Hegley, musical interventions from Deleter (Zwah splinter), words spoken out loud by Adelaide Banks, songs sung by Jane Ireland and general chuffing about by Diego Brown & the Good Fairy. In their pomp. Keeping things muddling along in the quiet bits will be proper house band Ongoing Gasworks.

The cup cake ceremony will take place at a suitable moment. Training will be provided for newcomers. Please bring a mouth.

Mr Hegley has been contacted for comment.

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