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We call this news but you might have other ideas: How the Clerkenwell ARTSlab will save us


We’re into our fourth season of curating the Clerkenwell ARTSlab at The Betsey Trotwood in Farringdon. This venerable old pub is the perfect place to see, hear and take part in the best poetry, comedy and music to be found in London and bit beyond. It has a chandelier, tables, chairs, a PA and a very friendly landlord who lets us get on with putting on stuff we like.

Founded as John Hegley and Friends on every 4th Monday of the month, by the nation’s favourite poet John Hegley, the ARTSlab has gone through a mild transformation under the stewardship of Diego Brown and the Good Fairy, Jane Ireland, Well Dressed Gary and Kieron Hunter.

Every 4th Monday of the month you will hear song, music, poetry, comedy, experimentation, story and other stuff perfectly pitched to put a smile on even the least smiley faces. Chock full of surprises and cake, every Clerkenwell ARTSlab night is a one-off that asks only that you Get Stuck In. Which means you might find yourself singing, clapping in or out of time, shaking your booty, reciting a poem, telling a story or planning your next visit.

Come along and try it. You can ask for your money back if you don’t have a super time.

The next ARTSlab night is 25 February 2019

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