About us

We are Diego Brown and the Good Fairy.

We are part low-fat milk. Our musical education started at the age of about 7 at the knee of a second cousin who later changed the course of Anglo-Latin American relations. And we never looked back.

Some say we’re like the Carpenters on a lost weekend in Twin Peaks.

Someone once said we’re the most surreal musical experience since the Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band.

One writer said we were the talk of the chip van queue at Sidmouth international festival.

Here’s one of our songs with moving pictures.

The Great Whale of Westminster

We tend to think of performance as a two-way thing. We have high expectations of our audience. And they usually come up trumps.

If it doesn’t have a story we think it’s unlikely to make a song. And if it’s not a song, what’s the story?

If you want the facts, try these: guitar, banjo, ukelele, drum, accordion, fiddles, swannee, kazoos, cymbal, shakers, drawings, cake, prizes, fuzzboxes.

Come and see us.

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5 thoughts on “About us

  • Thanks for the carefully packaged merch. Particularly enjoyed the note about the board inserted “to keep things flat. Physically, not emotionally…”

    Enjoying chilling and listening as I write this.

    • Thanks Lucy. And we dug, digged, yours a great deal. I think the other one begged you to come to Clerkenwell ARTslab and do some poetry. I’ll send some dates and hope to see you soon. DB

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