Poetlical db8: This ballot’s got your name on it



Vote for music, vote for laughter, vote poetry, vote cake.

Poetry and politics come together in a Night of Poetlicks.

It’s our electrician spectral – where the candidates may speak only in iambic pentameters, thyming buckets, shining trumpets, or timing sublets.




At John Hegley‘s regular 4th-Monday hustings, Diego Brown and the Good Fairy will try to try to persuade you that we know what we’re talking about and have better plans. And sharper trousers. Than those other installation artists. All kinds of skin products. The keys to the tractor. Virtual reality moustaches. Smart dogs. Few verbs. A trend. Sing with us. We are hope. We offer tuneage. We are hard-working family. Paid tax all our loaves. Nothing we strum has been sponsored. We have saved the HS from N. And plant flowers that grow through windows. December has defeat splashed all over it.

That’s why you should vote for us on
27 April
at The Betsey Trotwood
56 Farringdon Road
London EC1R.

And it’s all costed.
Cost of entry: £8 whole pounds.
Cost of living: Going up all the time.
Costa Gavras: French filmmaker.



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