We did a new album and we’re playing bits

We’d like to get you listen to a new record we made, called Earthly Things. We think it’s got some cool sounds, good tunes and some under-used words to get your tongue around.

Awesome flugel horns and trumpets by Chris Dowding, upright bass by Andy Hamill and clarinet and backing vocals by Megan all help make this much more than it would otherwise have been had it been just us playing guitar, banjo, uke, fiddle, keys, tinbox, boxes, actual boxes etc.

We’d love it if you came and acted like guinea pigs at a launch gig on 23 July 2018 before we release the CD into the wild, where we assume it will be devoured.

The gig on 23 will also feature the incredible poetic skills of John Hegley and the spine-tingling sounds of Three Little Birds.

Here’s the CD chillaxing before the big night.

Earthly Things chillaxing

Earthly Things keeping fresh.












Diego Brown and the Good Fairy serve up Earthly Things.

Plus John Hegley

and Three Little Birds

A Clerkenwell ARTSlab special.

23 July , 8:30pm

The Bestey Trotwood

56 Farringdon Road

London EC1R 3BL


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