Martha’s Gig: Music, laughs and poetry for YoungMinds and The Music Centre


Music, laughs and poetry from great friends and talented youngsters:

+ The people’s poet laureate John Hegley
+ Original comedy from the brilliant Dan Antopolski
And a feast of music from The Music Centre, Three Little Birds, Ollie Hayes, The Soul City Singers, The Flaming Yaks of Tibet, Jessica Glynn, and The Adam Hughes Quartet
Plus poetry from Simon Moffitt
Date: 17 October 2015
Time: 7:30-10:30pm
Venue: Camden School for Girls, Sandall Road, NW5 2DB

There is no fixed price but we’ll invite you to make a donation if you can.


What is Martha’s Gig?

We’re bringing family and friends together to celebrate and honour Martha Bradbury. She was a gifted, brave and beautiful person who died in October 2013 aged 16, after a battle with depression. She is loved and missed by many.

Martha was a great friend who helped other people even when troubled herself. She felt strongly there needs to be better awareness and understanding of mental health. We hope Martha’s Gig will help.

We want to raise as much money as we can for two charities that are doing outstanding work for young people’s health and happiness: Young Minds Trust and The Music Centre, Islington – the choir Martha sang with for many years.

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