Martha’s Gig – thank you

Martha's Gig roseHuge thanks to the hundreds of people who shared Martha’s Gig with us on Saturday night (17 October).

The performers: John Hegley​, Dan Antopolski​, Maria Friedman, Richard Frostick and the Islington Music Centre, Three Little Birds, Jessie Glynn, Simon John Moffitt​ Olamiju Fajemisin, Soul of the City Choir, The Flaming Yaks of Tibet, Oliver Hayes​, Tom Primrose, The Adam Hughes Quartet (if you need a great jazz band ask here) – and Joe, whose brave, impromptu words were so needed.

The bakers, technicians, decorators, bar and door helpers and others who made it happen: Charles, Carolyn, Kate, Henny, Victoria, Kieron, Luke, Paul, Gary, Emma, Mary, Martha, Tilda, Charlotte, Fiona, Hannah, Imogen, Naomi, Terrie, Jane, Lorna, Rae, Tom, Jamie, Vonnie, Dylan.

The raffle prize-givers, including Peter Beales Roses, Euphorium Bakery, Debbie, Clem, Rachel, Nick, Ed, Julian, and Viv.

You raised thousands of pounds (we’re still counting) for the inspirational Islington Music Centre and vital work that Youngminds does for young people’s wellbeing. Thank you.

If you still wish to donate to Youngminds you can via; or to the Music Centre, email us diegobrownmail [at] for details.

Image: Francis Bradbury

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