Rumours of free entry to top show on 11 March trigger joy bonanza

Delicious award-winning vegan food is just one of the many hyphenated reasons to pitch up at Klub Karamel, north London, on 11 March.
Oh? There are others?
Yes, including:
+ DJ Luminous Frenzy will be pro-decking it
+ Catherine Ashby and the Spare Ribs will be a-soothing you
+ Poet-cantor, Gabriel Moreno, with his band will be doing more-no?
+ Poet-host, Frank Huston, will be phosting
+ Diego Brown and the Good Fairy will just be well-articulated, and joined by the non-pareil Chris Dowding with his honey-toned brassy sounds.
+ It’s no-money free to get in
+ It’s open til 2am.
Good gracious, where’s that then?
Klub Karamel, 4 Coburg Road, N22 6UJ, London
At what time?
All our friends are clapping their hands

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