Clerkenwell ARTSlab marries the London Jazz Festival, 19 November 2018

On 19 November 2018 we present a special London Jazz Festival version of ClerkenwellARTSlab, guest curated by Chris Dowding, with performers inspired by electronics, poetry and more…
Woolfenden is the Scelsi-influenced trumpet and synth duo of Sarah Woolfenden and Justin Harries. They explore the outer reaches of musical space via an improvisational unit comprised of trumpet and electronics.
Sarah Woolfenden is a musician (primarily trumpet and voice) and visual artist with many years of experience performing, creating and recording music for a diverse range of groups and projects from Cuban street music and gypsy folk to free jazz.
Justin Harries will perform on analogue monophonic synthesiser, for the premiere of ‘Woolfenden’.
ALATI is a flexible group led by trumpeter Chris Dowding, exploring poetry, song and improvisation. Tonight will see a current trio version of the group, with Brigitte Beraha (vocals), Chris (trumpet & flugelhorn) and Dave O’ Brien (keys), performing songs from poems by the Devon-based poet Alice Oswald.
Chris Dowding performs with the groups Natural Causes (, Rude 2.0 (with trombonist Annie Whitehead), and leads the Moonrise Trio. He was recently commissioned by Durham Brass Festival to compose and perform a piece for trumpet and looper app on mobile phone.
INK! are the duo of Laurie Nankivell and Arthur Leadbetter on cornet and cello respectively. Inspired by the obscurity of Gavin Bryars and Brian Eno, INK! take this spirit of discovery into 2018 melding orchestral loop music with off-kilter drum worlds through to the space of silence.
From the jet end of a squid, INK! create original compositions live on stage that change with each performance. Their music often allows the machines to take a large part in the improvisations, drawing synchronicity between the technology and the instruments.
Upstairs at the Betsey Trotwood, 56 Faringdon Road, London EC1R 3BL.
Doors 8:15pm
Swinging starts: 8:30pm.
Big finish: 11pm.
Yon’t mind paying £8 for this, promise.
But in case you do there’s always cake.


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