Normal service resumes at Clerkenwell ARTSlab. 25 February 2019

A night of poetry, music and lyricism with 4 intriguing, erudite and adventurous performances, hosted by Diego Brown and the Good Fairy who will be putting it to a people’s vote.

Mermaid Chunky: Everything is for you. No really. It is. Look at this soft play spider web … that’s for you, upholstered this morning by our own fair fingers. You don’t even need to pretend to be comfortable with all that we are about to put you through. You look hot when you grimace anyway. There’s so much soil down here, with all the sounds … the chicks, the drum machine, the opera gurl, the flinty saxophone, the glinty synthesiser, the wheaty recorder. We will be waiting for you, with an extra glowy cinema for night time crevices. Bonus quilts for the timid … maybe.

Louis Joel Gilman: Apocalyptic swing and blues invites you to consider fear, face anxiety and peer tentatively into the dark back garden of the mind.

Peter Doolan: Poet, singer, firebrand.

Sylvia & I: Dreamy soundscapes from brass maestro Chris Dowding and fellow artists.

Diego Brown and the Good Fairy: No-deal hosts with controversial views on the backdrop.

Date: Monday 25 February 2019.

Doors 8:15pm sharp.

Stage: 8:30pm sharp.

Curtains: 11:00pm.

Price: £8/5 sharp.

Cake: moist.

Venue: The Betsey Trotwood,

56 Farringdon Road, London EC1R 3BL.

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