Diego Brown

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Good Fairy

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Songs, pictures, cake and much less
Go to Perform miracles

Perform miracles

We love to play our so-called songs to live audiences. Invite us to play at your local stadium, park, pub or ice-cream van and see what happens to your neighbourhood.

Go to Sell you things to make your life more complete

Sell you things to make your life more complete

Come to our shop and spend your money on our CDs, books and stylish casual wear. See it as an investment in the bank of your emotional life. Micro-credit offered.

Go to Write a song for you

Write a song for you

For that extra special gift, say it in song. Commission us to write a personalised song – whether for a birthday, engagement, valentine’s, even weddings. We’ll make it an event that goes on giving.

Go to Clerkenwell ARTSlab

Clerkenwell ARTSlab

Our monthly night of song, poetry, comedy, magic and cake is the best Monday night in Europe. Upstairs at the famous Betsey Trotwood, Farringdon Road, London EC1R. Get stuck in.

About us

Genuinely interesting facts that we made up
Diego Brown and the Good Fairy: the original twisted folk

Diego Brown and the Good Fairy are passionate about being passionate about things. We learned the craft of song at the age of 7 from a second cousin who later went on to change the course of Anglo-Latin American relations. And we never looked back. Part non-fat dried milk, we demand a lot of our audiences and they usually come up trumps. Our best gigs are unlike anything you've ever experienced. The same can be said of our worst. We were the talk of the chip van queue at Sidmouth International Folk Festival. And we played to a packed latrine in Austin, Texas. We run the Clerkenwell ARTSlab at The Bestey Trotwood in London, at which we regularly push the envelope all the way out of the box.

  • Sometimes we cycle too

  • One note after another

  • There is no waste

Who we claim to be

Fascinating things you can tell your friends


Director of Meta-Verbal Communications
Kate takes a slightly dim view of this sort of thing. She’d be happy to speak to you in person but she’s not about to put details of her private life on the internet for any old so-called journalist to ignore. Kate loves hangliding and is a highly sought-after visual artist.


Director of Ambiguity (interim)
Adam has a degree in coffee drinking (first class) and several years’ experience trying to work out what’s going on. Hobbies include waiting, and avoiding the use of the word ‘absolutely’.

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